Monday, April 1, 2013


Yesterday was Easter Sunday. It wasn't just any Easter. It was Crew's first Easter. I had visions of Crew in his perfect matching Easter outfit and I in my new chic Banana Republic dress and Daniel in his perfectly pressed khakis and Easter inspired dress shirt sitting in the pew at church. The epitome of the perfectly put together family.

So let's get back to reality.

My phone alarm went off yesterday morning at 9:27. We needed to leave the house by 10:30  in order to promptly arrive at church at 11:00. I wanted to have plenty of time to get to church. We always have some issue on the drive to church. The most common being Gramps pulling out in front of us and driving 30 mph in a 55 mph zone. Nothing like a case of road rage to bring out the Holy Spirit's conviction before we even get to church. I was determined to be ON TIME to something for once!

After I shut off my alarm and jumped out of bed I took the dogs out and realized I really was not totally prepared for the day. Our camera battery needed charged, Crew's diaper bag was not ready, and I wasn't exactly sure what Crew was wearing.

I charged the camera battery and packed Crew's diaper bag. I decided to start putting on my makeup and straightening my hair. It is now 10:18 and I am not dressed, Daniel is not awake, Crew still needs fed and changed, the dogs need to go out again, and the carseat base needs switched from one car to the other.

I woke Daniel up and he decided what he was wearing. It is now 10:23. Since he did not pick out his outfit the night before,everything Easter-worthy is wrinkled. He setteld for his semi-wrinkled khakis, his black plaid shirt/coat, and Sperry's. Definitely not my first choice for Easter, but it's too late to cry over spilled milk now.

I picked out an outfit for Crew. Skinny blue pants with a blue plaid (wrinkled)shirt and his little Sperry's. Daniel was dressed at this point and took over dressing Crew so I could get dressed. Unfortunately, Crew's "skinny" jeans are not meant for chubby babies with chunky legs! So, khakis it is!

At least Daddy and Crew's shoes matched!

Meanwhile, I am slipping into my  Banana Republic dress that I bought on sale for $15 from a regular $68! It was snug when I tried it on a few months ago in the dressing room so I thought surely it should fit by now! I find Daniel to assist me in zipping up the back and the dress WILL NOT ZIP!! I tried to squeeze, but I knew from experience that a ripped dress could only make the day worse. So I did what any other new Mommy still struggling to lose the baby weight would do...I put it back on the hanger with a new found zeal to lose the extra 13 pounds! Then I ran like a bat outta Hell to try to rummage up a a zippable Easter appropriate outfit that did not include my usual wardrobe of Daniel's sweats and t-shirts. It was a tall order! But after 4 more wardrobe changes I went for my trusty black skirt with a white cami and a coral sweater.

It is now 10:38. I am finally dressed and we are running like banchees trying to get the dogs in their kennels, the dipaer bag, the baby, and ourselves down to the car in one piece!

On the way to church we had the usual annoyances...slow pokes and red lights. I started pondering my morning. How did I fail so miserably at getting out of the house on time? How could I be so unprepared. I am a total failure as a Mommy and wife. Then I thought about what I was doing last night when I should have been ironing Daniel and Crew's dress shirts, packing the diaper bag, charging the camera battery, and having a trial-run dress fitting. Last night Daniel and I were playing on the floor with Crew. I remember now. I was playing with Crew and I kept telling myself, "you have a million things to do. What are you doing?" But I couldn't peel myself away from my laughing baby boy to go accomplish the important things. There in the passenger seat of the car driving to church 20 minutes late I realized that I was doing the important thing last night. Twenty years from now when I look back at our first Easter family picture I doubt that I will be thinking about how I should have lost those extra 13 pounds or how Daniel's outfit doesn't match or how wrinkled Crew's shirt was. I will be thinking about how imperfectly perfect our first Easter was and how happy and blessed I was in that very moment.