Monday, November 5, 2012

Love at First Sight...Twice



"I know that it might sound more than a little crazy but I believe... I knew I loved you before I met you. I think I dreamed you into life. I knew I loved you before I met you. I have been waiting all my life..."- Savage Garden

I will never forget the first time I saw Daniel. It was as if the man I had been dreaming of my entire life had walked out of my dreams and was standing right in front of me. Everything about him was perfect. I was head over heels in love at first sight and I didn't even know his name. Then I finally met him. The first time we spoke I knew that I would marry him someday and that we would have a family together. After seeing him for the first time, there were two things I was absolutely certain of. The first was that I truly believed in love at first sight. The second was that I believed it was impossible to experience love at first sight twice in a lifetime.

Daniel and I had been married almost 4 years when we decided that we wanted to start a family, but God in His perfect timing did not believe it was the right time for us to start our family. We have 2 precious babies waiting to meet us in Heaven.

On Valentines Day 2012 I saw the one thing every want to be Mommy longs to see...two faint pink lines. I couldn't believe it.  I wrapped up the pregnancy test and gave it to Daniel for his Valentines Day gift. We were filled with excitement, happiness, fear, and longing. Having suffered 2 previous miscarriages it tends to rob your happiness because you are so scared. We went out to Applebee's to celebrate.

I will never forget our first ultrasound appointment when we first heard the heartbeat. It was such an amazing feeling.  

Then at 18 weeks we went to our second ultrasound. We found out that we were having a boy! We were so happy! We were sent home with this picture:

I remember sitting at home that night looking at that picture for hours thinking "this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." I didn't know how it was possible to love someone so much who I hadn't even met yet. I felt him moving inside of me and was completely in awe over the miracle of life.

As the months went by I was so nervous. I was afraid he would have health problems or that he would suffer an injury during birth. I prayed to God so hard for peace of mind and a healthy baby boy.

Images by Truly Blessed Photography

Then on October 25th 2012 at 6:30 in the morning we headed to the hospital to be induced...

After 8 hours of labor and over 3 hours of pushing Crew James Patel made his entrance into this world! He weighed 9 pounds 2 ounces and was 21 and 3/4 inches long. Now, let me take this time to mention that it could only happen to 5 foot 115 pound me that I would have a 9 pound 2 ounce baby! Ouch, Ouch, Ouch!! But he was HEALTHY! And that is all that mattered!

I will never forget that moment as long as I live. I heard two garbled cries and I looked over right across from my bed and there he was. I saw the most beautiful baby. He was absolutely perfect. I saw Daniel's eyes and nose. I saw my chin. I looked over and he had wrapped his hand around Daniel's finger and was squeezing it. He barely even cried. He was so alert. He just looked up at the big new world around him with huge eyes. 

It was in that moment that I fell completely and utterly in love at first sight for the second time...

One night I was sitting in the rocking chair feeding him. He was looking right into my eyes and it was as if he was staring straight into my soul. I began to cry. I couldn't imagine a world without him. He was so perfect. So innocent. His skin was so soft. His perfect little toes. His hair smelled like baby. His little hands with his tiny little fingernails. His feathery long eyelashes. God had created every tiny perfect feature on this precious little life before I had even met him. Before I had even laid eyes on him he was formed. And now God had entrusted him to me. How did I get so lucky to be Crew's Mommy?

Image by Truly Blessed Photography

Image by Truly Blessed Photography


"There's just no rhyme or reason. Only a sense of completion. And in your eyes I see the missing pieces. I've been searchin for...I think I found my way home."-Savage Garden

Some days I get so wrapped up in my own little world of self pity over my life's little "only me" fiascos. And then I look over and see the man of my dreams holding our precious baby boy and I fall in love all over again...twice.

Image by Truly Blessed Photography



Image by Truly Blessed Photography